Team Building Dance Workshops

Team Building Dance Workshops

Team building dance is a fun way to develop unity. It tears down walls in communications, provide avenues that encourage discussion and increase creativity. It enhances self-esteem, confidence, and trust and staff morale.

BIM will design an exciting team building dance session that ticks all the boxes towards your company needs. Our team building dance workshops are an amazing way for colleagues to develop greater communication skills thus developing a positive work environment. We have an experienced team ready to assist! Team building, christmas & end of the year celebrations, project / team celebrations, birthdays and corporate social activity.

You can arrange the venue, or we can for you! Suitable locations for the dance workshops are company offices, conference centre, dance studio, outside - flat grassed or paved areas, community halls and hotel/lodges. If you're already away at a specific location for the day/weekend, then it makes sense for the workshop/classes to take place right where you are! Call now

Wedding Dance

We teach, entrance dance for all members, the first dance, the bride’s dance, the groom’s dance...

Social/Fitness Dance

Ever got bored of your usual fitness routine? Dancing is a full body workout that's meant to be fun...

Function Performances

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