Tips for First dance

More than just song and dance


Schedule your first dance lessons at least 2/3 months prior to your wedding. This will give you enough time to prepare, to rehearse on your own and it will take off the pressure.


Pick a song for your first dance lesson or if you are not sure, we would recommend a song that would work best for you. If you are dancing to a mix of songs, be sure to have your music professionally edited before your first lesson. It is important to know what the final version is for your dance before we get started.

Keep it short!

Try to keep your wedding dance around 3/4 minutes. Remember the aim is to entertain; therefore it has to be sweet and impressive routine.

Bring shoes similar to the ones you will be wearing on your wedding day, you would want to be comfortable on that day by bringing shoes comparable to the one you will be wearing on your day will help to release the intensity of the choreography as you would have been prepared prior. This applies to both men and women.

During rehearsals it is crucial to learn the choreography as much as you can however do not be hard on yourselves, take it as a mini fun date with your partner. To plan a wedding can be frustrating at times hence dancing together will for that moment release you from the stress and pressure of wedding preparations. Be sure you have fun while at it.

Bring a Camera (Smartphones) to record the choreography so you can use it as guidance at home, have something to refer to prior the wedding day. After learning the choreography dedicate at least 30 to 45 minutes every day to practice. Be sure to go home and practice the choreography or steps that you learned.


Your Dj or sound system team must have your mix prior to the wedding; ensure that they are informed in time. Same applies to your photographer and videographer brief them accordingly. You might want to refer to the choreography in the near future ask them to capture the moment. Furthermore ask your photographer to take pictures while dancing as well.

The choreography

Always bear in mind that no one knows the choreography except for you and your partner. If you forget the steps/fall as it often happens because your overwhelmed by everything around you, just laugh and embrace your mistake then continue as if nothing happened. Make that mistake a part of the choreography, no one will notice.


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