Wedding Dance Services


It’s your wedding day and all eyes are on the both of you. It’s time to shine! Do you want great dancing at your wedding that is creative, unique and simply enjoyable? You should know we welcome beginners and encourage you all to put on your best performance!

Whether you want to go through with the basics or learn the elegant yet simple moves as a couple or something that involves all members. We can definetly help you with this because we have trained and experienced instructors.

If what was just mentioned doesn't seem like your vibe and you just want to turn that volume to max and set the house on fire for your wedding dance! We know what you on about and are here to help you.

Which ever type you prefer, we certain that your wedding dance will become the talk of the village/town for some time! BIM will help you achieve this. We teach, entrance dance for all members, the first dance, the bride’s dance, the groom’s dance, groomsmen dance, bridesmaids and tailor made dance. Book us, we come to you! Call now

Social/Fitness Dance

Ever got bored of your usual fitness routine? Dancing is a full body workout that's meant to be fun... 

Function Performances

Does your event need some flare to it? Why not hire BIM, we are specialists when it comes...

Team Building Dance Workshops

Team building dance is a fun way to develop unity. It tears down walls in communications...